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Dr Kenneth Sheah is an experienced Consultant Radiologist, reviewer for Skeletal Radiology and the Singapore Medical Journal, and co-author of the chapter on Shoulder in Haaga’s CT and MRI of the Whole Body, and Kamarkar’s Atlas of Sonoanatomy.


  • MBBS (University of London)
  • FRCR (UK)
  • MMed (Diagnostic Radiology)(NUS, S’pore)

Consultant Radiologist (Musculoskeletal)

Specialty: Radiology (Musculoskeletal)
Spine and joint pain management, degenerative spine and joint conditions, injection for sports injuries, verebroplasty and nucleoplasty, image guided soft tissue biopsies (fine needle aspiration of thyroid, breast), radiofrequency ablation, varicose vein sclerotherapy and ablation, venous port and catheter access.

Languages Spoken:
English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese & Bahasa Malaysia

Dr Kenneth Sheah is an experienced Consultant Radiologist, reviewer for Skeletal Radiology and the Singapore Medical Journal, and co-author of the chapter on Shoulder in Haaga’s CT and MRI of the Whole Body, and Kamarkar’s Atlas of Sonoanatomy.

Radiology is at the cutting edge of medicine, and Dr Sheah has been trained to interpret MRI investigations of numerous musculoskeletal injuries, ranging from elite soccer players from the English Premier league, to spine fractures in the elderly.

He routinely performs injections into knee, shoulder, ankle and hip joints, as well as spine for pain relief and diagnostic purposes. These spine injections include facets, sacroiliac joints, nerve root and epidurals, vertebroplasty and nucleoplasty  radiofrequency procedures, and are guided with imaging equipment. Patients go usually home the same day after these procedures. Ken’s ultrasound guided trigger finger injections have also met with anecdotal success.

He also has an interest in venous access (such as implantable ports, PICC lines), varicose vein ablations and sclerotherapy, and radiofrequency ablation of thyroid nodules.

Dr Sheah read Medicine at the Imperial College School of Medicine, Science and Technology, post-graduate trained in Singapore (Singhealth), was awarded Young Radiologist of the Year in 2002, and did a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School . He believes that the most important thing in being a doctor is to have empathy for patients.


Dr Rameysh is a Consultant Radiologist with subspecialty expertise in Breast Imaging and Intervention. His primary areas of interest and practice are in advanced breast imaging and procedural techniques such as 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis), contrast-enhanced mammography, breast MRI, imaging-guided vacuum biopsy and excisions, as well as tumour ablations.


  • FRCR (UK)

Visiting Consultant in Breast Imaging and Intervention and General Radiology

Languages Spoken:
English, Indonesian/Malay

Dr Rameysh Danovani finds his passion in piecing together patients’ scans to derive the necessary information for an accurate diagnosis to be made. He finds that reward is in the difference his work makes to each patients’ management and treatment of their condition. 

He is passionate about breast cancer screening and strives to provide a comprehensive breast imaging diagnostic workup using various techniques, coupled with his experience and skills as a breast imager.

He currently serves as Medical Director of Specialist Women’s Imaging Clinic and as Visiting Consultant to Changi General Hospital. He also serves as a mammographic reader and assessor with the BreastScreen Singapore program.

After completing his advanced specialist training in Diagnostic Radiology in Singapore, he pursued further subspecialty training in Breast Imaging and Intervention at Yonsei University, South Korea. He then served as the Director of Breast Imaging in the Department of Radiology in Changi General Hospital. For his expertise and capacity as an educator, he remains a Faculty Physician and was previously affiliated to the Singhealth Duke-NUS Radiological Sciences residency program as an Adjunct Assistant Professor.

He was instrumental in the development of advanced practices in his breast imaging unit, leading the adoption of ultrasound-guided vacuum excision and biopsies for both benign and borderline breast lesions and introducing the use of contrast-enhanced mammography for diagnostic evaluation of breast cancers.

In addition to other routine imaging-guided breast interventions, he was instrumental in the use of novel techniques such as cryoablation of breast tumours, being one of the few radiologists accredited to perform the procedure.

He is an active member of Singapore’s radiological and breast imaging community and in the region. He receives invites for speaking and teaching engagements locally and internationally. In Singapore, he serves as a committee member in the Breast Cancer Screening Workgroup and the Breast Imaging Subsection of the Singapore Radiological Society.